Furlough Plans

07/06/2020 10:06

Well, we continue to not be allowed to meet as a church. Lord willing, we will soon here that we can assemble. This is our 12 Sunday since the lockdown began. Although I'm thankful for how God has led in online evangelism, we greatly desire to be congregating again.

We have a definite departure date now for furlough. The Andersons are scheduled to arrive the beginning of next month. We are scheduled to depart a few day after their arrival. Your prayers are appreciated as we have some decisions to make regarding our furlough schedule.

Katie's SS lesson in online on facebook.

My Sunday  morning message is, "Be a Good Fig" from Jeremiah 24. God has an object lesson for Jeremiah from the 2 baskets of figs left as an offering at the gate of the temple.

I also recorded another Journey episode, "Born Twice."   (Youtube link)

Please pray as we switch focus with the journey from "journey to Jesus" to "journey with Jesus." My desire is to do some discipleship videos for any who have followed along and have trusted in Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers.