Furlough Presentation Ready

13/02/2020 13:24

I'm very thankful for the Lord's help in getting a big project completed. Our 8 minute furlough presentation is now ready. This has been a good utility week for me as the weather has been adverse. It isn't over yet as we have weather warnings through this weekend. When they name a storm here it is a bad storm. (We have other bad storms that come through without a name.) We had a named storm this past Sunday and have another one, Dennis, this coming Sunday. Adverse weather is a normal part of life in Scotland, but it has been exceptionally bad lately. :)

Please pray for our Sunday PM John 3:16 banquet. The kids are excited about serving. Katie has just gone to the shop with Emily (9) from our church and a couple of our kids. They are working on getting some things ready. Thank you for praying for this special event.