"Furnishing God"

01/04/2021 11:00

God has given some evangelism encouragement lately. A week ago a lady contacted us who had received a card a year ago. Please pray that we'll see her come to church or that God will meet her spiritual needs. 
Today, I again about jumped out of my chair and said, "Glory!" Katie and I went out on a date on Tuesday night. Restaurants are all closed. We ordered online at Five Guys and then I stood outside to wait on our order. I spoke for about 1 minute with a young man who said about The Journey card, "I will check it out. I am very open." The glory part was when he messaged me from The Youtube channel yesterday. (I didn't see the message until today.) Please pray that we can get connected and that God will meet his needs.
Don Dillman and I had some very good witnessing opportunities yesterday. He witnessed to two men who are atheists with religious backgrounds. He spoke with each of them for about 10 minutes.
Another opportunity God gave us, should not have happened. We were locked out of some flats and thought we'd have to skip them. However, because of a broken window in a door, we went into Demi's block of Flats. She opened her door to hand me back the flyer saying, "This is just going to go into the bin." I began speaking with her about God. She soon took back the flyer. She didn't leave the conversation even though a relative on speaker phone was laughing. (She hung up on the relative.) Her one year old was eating just around the corner. When she cried she went and got her and brought her back to the door. When I handed a journey card to her, I said, "I've made these videos for people who may not have a clue about God." She said, "Well, that's me." I prayed with her before we said goodbye and asked God to save her and help her raise her child to love God. Please pray for God to open her eyes.
The Journey segment today was, "Furnishing God." (Sermon Audio link) "God is desirous to meet your spiritual and physical needs." Thank you for praying for me as I do these. I covet your prayers and pray that God will use these for His glory.