Gained a few....

02/08/2016 19:09

We had another good day at HBC. We had 3 first time (ever) children and 4 who have attended other years. So, we have now had a total of 24 kids come to HBC. Tomorrow, Kay Lee and Solomon will probably get a pie in their face. We like to have a little fun with the kids. So, the team leaders get a pie in their face if we hit 25. At 30 two of our helpers from the States get it. At 35 my wife and I are the target. At 40 Pastor McPhillips (I should have made the number lower) and another visitor get it.

There was good attention given to the stories. We had a mum stay for the day as well which was an extra blessing. Thank you for praying with us. We are very thankful for what the Lord gave us today.