Getting back into the routine....

04/01/2021 08:54

God gave us us some fun ministry this past Thursday night and yesterday. We could not show our film on New Year's Eve (Thursday night) and so instead we had a Zoom praise service. It was a blessing to have everyone join together to speak about what God has done in our lives this past year. 

On Friday (1 January) our church began a 1 year Bible reading program. Again it was fun to share what God revealed to us in our devotions. I'm looking forward to seeing how God uses this in our church. It's already a blessing.

I hesitate to speak about Covid as we are all worn out with the topic. However, in case you are wondering how it is currently affecting our area. All of Scotland is in the highest Tier and most restrictive. Non essential shops are all closed. Non essential travel is restricted. Schools are delayed in re-opening after the holiday. They are also talking about a new national lockdown. 

Katie's children's Sunday School by Zoom went well again yesterday. Please especially pray that we don't lose children because our church can't physically meet. Thank you for praying for our ministry.