Getting back into the swing...

11/06/2024 13:16

Life is returning to normal as we get back into duties at our church and home. God blessed us with a great Sunday. We had a first time adult visitor on Sunday morning. They attended with someone who has become a regular attendee at our church. That was a blessing. We also had some young people show up after the service and we were able to show them around. They said they will visit a church service at some point.

I preached on, "Worthy of Praise" from Psalm 147. I have been preaching monthly a series entilted, "Thou Art Worthy." I continued that on Sunday as we looked at the many reasons the Psalmist gives to Praise the LORD.

We had a busy Sunday as we hosted a family from church after the service, showed a photo update from our travels in the PM service and observed the Lord's table. It was a great day!

Evangelism is now back on track. I put out Gospel leaflets on Monday morning. Today I was able to get into Edinburgh to do street preaching on Princess St. God gave liberty and enablement. After preaching over an hour, I was packing up and a man in a suit approched me. He was working outside his place of business near where I preach. He said, "I just want to thank you. It's good to see a Christian preacher getting out and doing something." This was a greater encouragement than a believer giving me the same message. Please pray for that man as I will likely see him again.

The greatest antagonism today took place about 42 minutes into my preaching. A young man walked by and then came back to steal my literature and put it in the bin. Please pray for God to awaken the heart of that lad. God's good. Thank you for keeping up and for praying for our ministry.