Getting God's Grant

03/06/2018 12:52

That was the title of my message this morning. Unfortunately when you use your phone to record audio you have occasional glitches. One of those occurred this morning resulting in no audio. I'm disappointed but "all things work together for good" and "rejoice evermore" come to mind. :) I put the notes online - link -  if the title interests you. God has something wonderful He stands ready to give to those who would receive that for which Paul prayed.

We are entering a very busy season of ministry. 

8 June, Eddie arrives to help us with our Football Tournament

9 June, teen 5-a-side Football Tournament

10 June, Pastor Stephen Nix preaches all day including our Trust Service (assisted living facility)

16 June, our church is in a parade.

23 June, our church has a booth set up at our Community Chidlren's Fair - Gala Day

Thank you for your prayers for these ministries.