Getting in the swing of things....

27/08/2014 21:25

We have really enjoyed our time back in the States. We had our first meeting on Sunday night and realized what a blessing furlough will be to our family. This coming Sunday we have two meetings.

I forgot to mention that on our trip back the Lord gave a great witnessing opportunity on our flight to Dublin. I was sitting beside a business man from Germany. He was Catholic. I was able to show him several passages of Scripture on my phone. He asked after a while what book we were looking at. I guess I hadn't explained that it was the Bible. Thanks for praying for opportunities for us to share the Gospel.

Yesterday my brother in law, cousin, and son, went with me to my brother's house up in Wisconsin. He is building a home. We were able to help him put in a wood ceiling and hang some doors.

Katie has started school with the kids. Today was their first day. It went well. I know she would appreciate your prayers as we school on the road.

Thank you for following along and praying for us on furlough.