Getting into evangelism this week.

27/09/2023 16:50

It's good to have a "normal" week of evangelism this week. This has often not been the case this year as we've had a lot of other things going on. On Monday I did street preaching by the Duke of Wellington on the High Street (main street) in Edinburgh. God gave me a good outing. 

On Tuesday I put out literature in Loanhead. We're still putting out a flyer introducing people to our new location and sharing the Gospel. Today I met Pastor Don Dillman and we put out literature in Livingstone. We had 3 good witnessing opportunities and enjoyed a good time of fellowship.

My second cousin's family got back from their highland road trip yesterday. After a flight cancelation late last night, they got rebooked and flew out this morning. We've very thankful for their assistance.

Meanwhile, we have a mission team arriving on the 11th to help us for 10 days. Our focus is not the property although we may do some work. We will be doing evangelism and they will also be helping run a 3 day holiday Bible club during the school break. Please pray for God's rich blessing on all the details of the trip. (Crooked Creek Baptist Church, Pastor Brenson Jennings.) Thanks for all your prayers.