Getting out and about.....

18/09/2013 11:52

I'm just happy to not be lost after the neighborhood I went through this morning. You'd have to see it to understand it. There are rows of houses that turn every which way and at times have no road and parking lot around them. I asked the postman how often he get's lost doing his route. He said he has been doing it for too long to get lost. I'm sure it was not an easy route to get use to when he started.

I had a couple short conversations with people and put out around 300 flyers. Please pray that God will water the seed. I watched the first young man that received one put it in the bin just down the road. It's a good reminder that it takes God's grace even when it is just words on a paper.

I received a text this morning from J________. He made plans with me for attending church and joining us for lunch. Please pray that we can be a blessing to he and his girlfriend.  Thanks for interceding for our ministry.

I've been encouraged today by the reminder of "God's still small voice" as he revealed himself to Elijah. It's easy to get focused on the "big" things and miss seeing God at work.