Getting out HBC Flyers....

26/07/2016 13:45

We had an encouraging phone call yesterday from the mother of a 7 year old who is going to attend our HBC. Kay Lee, Katie and Mac put out some flyers yesterday morning and she got one posted through her door. Hopefully several children will come just from receiving a flyer.

This morning, Katie, Kay Lee and I put out some more. (Mac was with us as well but he was just along for the ride. He is a little young to do flyers.) The other 4 boys are involved in a week long football camp. They are having a "ball" - pun intended. They were all really worn out last night. The youngest boys just go for the morning but Benson continues on into the afternoon.

Thank you for praying for us as we get ready for the HBC. Helen and her daughter, Amy, are over this afternoon helping to get the crafts ready to go. The kids and Katie have also made a lot of decorations to put up on Sunday night. I'm sure we'll have some pictures for you in the near future.

There is an unusual opportunity this week as I was able to contribute an article for the local paper. I wrote it in January but it is being printed this week. They are going to include a statement about the Bible Club this coming week. Please pray as this is a great opportunity to share God's Word and invite people to attend our ministries. I'll put a link to the online version of the article once it is published.