Getting ready for a short term team ministry

13/05/2013 12:07

The Lord gave us a good weekend. Saturday night I had a refreshing divine appointment with a 19 year old. I offered him a tract as he passed by me. He knows that there is a need in his life. Please pray that God will use His word to meet the needs in his heart.

Sunday was a blessing. We have another family who faithfully comes now to help us set up for our services. That gives us an opportunity to pray with all the kids before church. I preached  in the morning service on Numbers 14:1-11.  Israel had unnecessary, unnatural, unthankful and unintelligent sorrow.  And it was all because they were in unbelief and fear. It is sad that they were sorrowful instead of rejoicing at what God was going to do.

Last night we looked at Acts 5 and the story of the angel setting the preachers free.  It's one of those humorous stories in God's Word (like the story of Esther) which you hope you get to see when you get to heaven.

Tomorrow night a group of 5 young men arrives and will be with us through Sunday morning. Please pray for our ministry to them and for their ministry with us. Thanks for keeping up with what God is doing in Loanhead.