Getting ready for furlough

16/06/2020 21:18

The Lord is helping us tick things off our "to do" list for furlough. Katie has just ordered our prayer cards. We'll make sure we get these off to all of our supporters.

I enjoyed an extra ministry opportunity as I got to preach for a church in Peterbourgh, England. They are doing some special services at their midweek with guest preachers. It was recorded today for the service tomorrow. We also enjoyed a zoom meeting with about 20 other ministries in Africa, the United Kingdom and Ireland. All of these ministries have Brother Steve Anderson as their field director with BWM. 

The Andersons are excited about being our furlough replacements. This will be their 21st furlough replacement! Please pray for them as they arrive here on 5 July.

Here is the picture which we took for our prayer card.

By the way, tomorrow marks 20 years of marriage for Katie and I. I want to thank the Lord for his goodness to us. We've seen Him meet our needs over and over again. We're getting to see His hand right now as we adjust to His plan for our furlough. Thanks for praying.