Getting Ready for Holiday Bible Club

14/06/2016 00:00

Pastor McPhillips and a group from Grace Baptist Church in Taylorville, Illinois are going to be helping us with our Summer Holiday Bible Club. Please pray for their ministry in Illinois as they are having their Bible Club this week. Although they won't be with us until the beginning of August, we have already begun promoting this event. We put an advertisement in a booklet that went to 5,000 homes in our area. I also sent the flyer below (like a baseball card) to print today. 

Our Children's fair is on Saturday the 25th and we will be giving the flyers out to the children that attend our booth. Some of you have been praying for me as I've been painting a new cut out board for our children's day. I'm getting there. I still need to finish the top half of the board. See picture below.