Getting Ready for Sunday.

21/09/2013 22:19

The Lord gave us a good Saturday. Benson was my door to door partner today. The kids are learning that whoever goes with me gets to buys some sweeties. So, they have some extra motivation to assist me. (I bet your pastor would consider that if you'd go along with him. :) We had a few good we chats.

Katie made a couple visits this afternoon and we all visited this evening. It was a very enjoyable day and we enjoyed finding many friends at home. Please pray that God's hand would be on our services tomorrow. I'm preaching on; the armour of God in SS, victory over depression AM, and The Door opening to the Gentiles in the PM.  

Our family is doing better today. I was up for an hour and a half with Kay Lee during the night but she never got sick. The Hikins were ill during the night but Mark said they were a bit better this evening. We'd appreciate your continued prayers for the sickness. Thanks for praying. God's good!