Glad to be back, but thankful for our time away.

21/10/2018 13:12

God blessed our family with a holiday in Wales this past week. It was great to be refreshed and to see God's amazing creation. The Lord provided a large portion of the cost of this trip through the kindness of some friends of ours. So - it was a gift from God which we really enjoyed and thank the Lord for His provision.

God gave us a good morning. I re-preached a message God put on my heart many years ago. I preached on Ezekiels vision of the Valley of Dry Bone in Ezekiel 37. We need to look around, look up and preach as Ezekiel did. I can't imagine a deader autience or a more life giving message! Please pray for life for the dead here in Scotland. 

As far as ministry goes, we are into a normal schedule. We have a youth activity on Friday as we always do on the 4th Friday of the month. Please pray for God to do a good work in the heart of our teens. Please pray as well for my  ministry next Sunday afternoon at Almond Valley Baptist Church. The Dillmans will be back in the States to meet their new grandbaby. I know they'd appreciate your prayers for their travels as well.