Glorious Day :)

01/05/2022 15:05

God blessed us with a wonderful day both in spiritual blessing as well as physical. I enjoyed preaching this morning on the Ethiopean Eunuch from Acts 8. Afterwards our church came over to our home where we baptised Nathan and his wife, Mali. These young parents have been saved this year. Praise the Lord. We are excited to see what God is going to do in their family. They will be joining our church this evening.

Meanwhile, another believer who had not yet been baptised decided to follow the Lord in believer's baptism. And so, we are all meeting back at our home before our evening service so that we can baptise Margaret.

The weather today was outstanding and almost hot as we waited to start our baptismal service. Logan played a stanza of Amazing Grace on his bagpipes and then we sang a stanza. I shared from Romans 6 the beautiful pictures of believer's baptism by immersion. Our old man dying with Christ. Our new man rising to walk in resurrection power with Jesus. Afterwards we went back to the church for a fellowship meal. We are going to repeat this meal tonight after the evening service. These are special days and we thank God for His grace. 

Please pray for Nathan's military service. He's been given orders to take a 5 week course down in England starting this Wednesday. He'll also be doing a 15 week tour of duty from September to December. Please pray that God will help us help him and his family through this time and that the spiritual growth will continue.