Glorious Resurrection Day

21/04/2019 15:46

Praise God, we had a wonderful morning as we rejoiced in the Lord's resurrection. The young people did a special reader's theatre (memorized Scripture) and sang. I enjoyed preaching a message on He Arose from Luke 24. I also enjoyed singing a trio with my two oldest. The incredible weather God gave us was perfect for the after church luncheon at our home. We'll be back here this evening for a baptismal service. 

Kay Lee is enjoying having a new friend at church who is fluent in Spanish but not in English. Please pray that these two can teach each other English and Spanish. Kay Lee has been learning Spanish for the last couple of years. So, this is a really good opportunity for both of them. There are some very good things going on in our ministry. We appreciate your prayers.

If you are praying for the needs I mentioned a couple weeks ago - the cancer treatments for a lady in our church are going better. She had her second treatment the end of this past week and she was in church this morning - Praise God. The other family I mentioned is still in need of a vehicle. Thank you for your prayers.

I have a special opportunity this week on Wednesday as I get an opportunity to preach the first service at men's camp in Ireland. It's an afternoon service and I am one of about 7 men who have the opportunity to share God's Word. Please pray for the Spirit of God to work mightily in these special days.