Gnawed Dog Bones....

27/02/2017 11:49

I enjoyed getting out with flyers this morning in West Linton. I have one more trip out there and the village will be finished. After a week of very unsettled weather it was nice to have calm sunshine which made the temperature comfortable. I spoke briefly with a few people and put out a couple hundred flyers.

One man entered his home with a large dog (Rhodecian Ridgeback). After I put a flyer into his mailslot I heard the dogs barking. I continued on and he came out of his house with bones (freshly killed) about 1 and a half feet long and thick. I asked if that was the last person that put a flyer through his mail slot. He laughed and said it was. (I'm not entirely sure he was joking. :))

Please pray for God's blessing on the seed that was sown this morning.