God gave us a good Sunday,

11/06/2017 20:14

The Lord encouraged my heart today with a lighter load. I'm already enjoying having Evangelist Washer teach our adult and teen SS. He's taking us through a study of justifcation in the book of Romans. This afternoon a English young man who is attending a nearby Bible college preached at the Trust Service. George will not be with our church for very long as he is finishing his studies. But, we really appreciate his love for the Lord and servant's heart. It was good to have 3 other of our teens plus our kids in attendance at that ministry.

I preached this morning on "Coming to Jesus" with the story of Blind Bartemaeus. I received a couple phone calls during the service from a teenager who lost his hoodie at the tournament yesterday. (I didn't answer :) but it rang through to the phone.) My phone records our services and it canceled the recording. So, unfortunately I'm not able to share that message with you.

Thank you for praying for Mac. He is doing well. Please pray for a good friend of ours who was in a bad car accident and has neck injuries. She is a faithful prayer warrior for our ministry.