God Gave Us a Great Day

23/09/2012 19:44

The Lord gave us a sweet day in His house. Our church is becoming more and more of a family.  We had a good group out this morning. Two of our visitors were back with us. I preached on "Those Who Carried Things to Jesus."  If you have time, I think the notes would be a blessing to you. I quoted a lot of biographies this morning.  www.freebaptistchurch.org (Look at the page Sundays Sermon)

This afternoon I collected Emmanuel and we hosted him at our home.  He joined us for church this evening. Lord willing, we will start collecting him each Sunday. (They don't say "picked up" here.  It kind of makes sense if you think about the word picture of picking somebody up.)

Christine and her boys also joined us this evening.  God's good.  He is answering your prayers.  Please keep praying as we keep plowing in hope.