God is faithful

17/03/2013 19:40

The Lord gave us a good day. We have several members dealing with illness but a faithful group came out. I sensed spiritual warfare today but thank the Lord for the strength He gave us and the good work that He did in our hearts. I preached this morning on Fruitfulness from John 15:1-8.  Interestingly, God has called us to be faithful AND fruitful.  "Herein is my Father glorified that ye bear much fruit...." 

Tonight we looked at the characteristics of a spiritual awakening as seen at Pentecost. We concluded Acts 2 this evening.  Please pray for our visitor who is doing discipleship. She is loving Dr. Nelson's book, "Growing in Grace."

Please pray for wisdom for me as I hope to prepare out next flyer this week. I want to give the best tool I can to God to use to open men's hearts. Thanks for your prayers.