God's Goodness

12/07/2014 20:32

The Lord really encouraged us today with two random acts of kindness. Together they show a very good God that is capable of using others to show us His love.

The day started with Logan and I putting out the HBT flyer. As we were getting back I checked my phone and realized I had a voicemail from yesterday. It was a man cussing me out and telling me to go back to America. I hope that man reads this because Satan only get's upset when God is working. So, praise the Lord for that. (But, in case you are wondering, that is not one of the two random acts of kindness.) NOTE: PEOPLE IN LOANHEAD ARE LOVELY. THIS PERSON IS AN ACCEPTION NOT THE RULE.

We went to a nearby village this afternoon to just get out and about. Mac is an attention getter with his head full of hair. Many people stop to give him a wee pat on the head or talk about him. A lady in one of the shops put a bill in Katie's hand and told her to get the kids ice cream and put the rest in Mac's bank.  (It wasn't just one bill. It was 30 pounds.)

What made that amount even more significant is when we got home. There was a anonymous envelope put through our door with a note written on the inside that said, "For Mac, his brothers and sister."  It also contained 30 pounds.  I'm glad the Lord had it be the same amount. That is way too impossible for men to put together.  God bless these kind individuals and praise God for how He lets us know that He's watching over us as we do His will.