God's goodness

28/06/2020 09:59

Thank you for your prayers for my grandfather's funeral. God blessed and it was a wonderful service which we were able to view online. I praise God for the godly heritage I and my family have been given.

Thank you as well for your prayers for our ministry online. We are very thankful to have finished our last recorded Sunday School and preaching services. We are now transitioning to Zoom in preparation for the Anderson's arrival as well as isolation ending. This is our 15th Sunday since lockdown began. Right now it does not look like we'll have service at our church location until the end of July.

I'm thankful for God's grace and guidance with, "The Journey" evangelistic and discipleship videos. I'm very happy to say that God has helped me, "finish the journey."

Season one is comprised of 15 evangelistic videos. Season two is 10 discipleship videos. The videos are 7 minutes long and have been put on The Journey Youtube page. The purpose of the Youtube page was to make the series available to other Christians and churches. Anybody can link to it with their own material, webpage or facebook page. 

If you would like to see Katie's final Sunday School lesson of the Covid-19 lockdown, here is a link the lesson on our Facebook page.

I preached a message from Deuteronomy 20 for our AM service, "A Voluntary Soldier."

Your prayers for the Anderson's travel and transition are appreciated. They are scheduled to arrive here next Sunday afternoon. Our family will leave early the following Wednesday for the States. Thank you for your prayers for us and our ministry.