God's goodness...

21/01/2024 13:18

God has shown His goodness to us in several ways this past week. He allowed significant progress to be made in the sanctuary. The stage is now built with the exception of the baptistry. On the family side, God allowed our family to get a new cooker (stove) and have it installed. It will be a great asset to my wife's ministry. (She often uses her cooking for the Lord with baked goods or meals.) We obtained a beautiful antique communion table for our church. And so, we give thanks to God for His many goodnessess.

To update you on the prayer request for my father: Dad continues in hospital having been transferred to a geriatric memory ward. Please pray for grace as this continues to be a very difficult situation. We need God to provide a long term care solution. Thank you for your prayers.

This morning I continued my series on our church theme for 2024, "Thou Art Worthy, O Lord." My message from Romans 12:1-2 was, "Worthy of Us." We're thankful for each one that was present.

Tonight we have a named storm (Storm Isha) rolling through with weather warnings starting at 6pm this evening. We could have winds up to 80mph in exposed areas and coastlines. So, that should make our service that much more interesting. :)

Thank you for your prayers. We're working hard at building God's church (people and property), but our efforts are in vain without God's rich blessings. Thank you for your part in obtaining His grace and mercy for our area and ministry.