good attendance :)

21/11/2021 14:26

We had encouraging attendance this morning as most of our church family were there. It was good to see everyone in their place after illness and aches and pains. It was a beautiful COLD autumn day and the sunshine was very wecoming.

I preached this morning on "spiritual power tools" for building God's church from Zechariah 4. I'm glad that the Lord put this study on my heart as it was good for me to dig into Zechariah's vision. This is the passage where God says, "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit." Praise God for the golden oil which makes it possible for the church to burn brightly. The temple builders were encouraged by Zechariah's message and we as church builders should be encouraged as well.

I'm having technical difficulties finding the (please skip this part if you are not a "techie" person.) DCIM files on my SD card. Lord willing, we will figure this out and get those recordings uploaded to sermon audio. However, our service was recorded on our Facebook page. Please pray for wisdom as to how to access these files. I've just started a study of the life of David and lesson 2 is also on that SD card.

Thank you for praying for our ministry. God encouraged us this morning.