Good day out....

28/05/2013 09:15

We enjoyed a good tour of Edinburgh yesterday.  At Grey Friar's Church an 80 year old former soldier gave us a tour. Interestingly his last name is Campbell and his grandpa is from the Isle of Lewis. His grandpa would have been there when Duncan Campbell preached during the Lewis Awakening. The Lord gave us an opportunity to speak to him about God's truth.

At Edinburgh Castle we had another divine appointment. I gave a lady my place to watch the one o'clock gun and began speaking with her husband. As it turned out the Lady was Jewish but had a son that is an evangelical minister in the US. They don't speak about spiritual things. However, she took my flyer and told me that she would tell her son about our ministry. (It's a good reminder to pray for your unsaved relatives, God is able to bring a witness to them.)

We have one more day with the Crichtons before they head off to Aberdeen. This couple started a church in Rhode Island 38 years ago and just resigned that ministry this year. God has blessed the church that they started. (As you would imagine there is a lot that we can learn from their ministry.)