Good Lord's Day

21/04/2013 20:45


It was a blessing to be back with our church today. God gave us good attendance, good help and a great spirit. Please pray for the Lord to work in the hearts of our children. We had 16 children this morning in Sunday School. Please also pray for their teachers.

I preached this morning on Jethro's wise instruction to Moses from Exodus 18:13-27. God's plan for effective ministry is still a group effort.  

Tonight we had a sweet prayer, praise and communion service. It's a joy to share what God is doing in our lives. We had a refreshing day. Please pray as we get back to distributing the flyer. I would like to have this flyer through our community by mid May. We have a group of four college guys coming in May.  Our main goal for that week is to put John and Romans through all of Loanhead. I've been given 3,000 copies that also have a Gospel presentation in the back. Thanks for your active part in our ministry.