Good Lord's Day

10/06/2013 20:40

God gave us a good day yesterday. I know I've often spoken of the weather recently, but it has been spectacular. It is nice to have beautiful weather on a Sunday.  I preached yesterday morning on the Lord's High Priestly Prayer from John 17:9-19. I'm glad that God gave us that glimpse into His heart as we listen to the God/Man pray. Our attendance was down due to some of our folks being away. But most, who could come, did come. 

We have a special prayer request for some friends of ours in Ireland. They were supposed to spend a few days with us and have a brief break from their ministry. However, due to an expired passport, they were unable to fly. Please pray for God's grace for them and their family. They have had illness this past week and nearly canceled due to illness as well.  They have had a sweet testimony in this, but we need to pray for God to provide some R and R for their family. Their tickets were non refundable.