"good" morning

03/04/2022 14:33

God blessed us with a very good morning. The spirit in our church right now is very special. When I get done preaching around 12:15, our church stays and visits for half an hour. It's really good for our people and refreshing to watch. 

We continue to see God bring people out to church. One of our families from HBC (Holiday Bible Club) visited this morning. That was really neat to have them present. Also, a man who visited while my family was absent, was back with us. It was great to have him there with his girlfriend who has been attending.

My message this morning was from Nehemiah 9, "Be Mindful." I challenged our church to be mindful of Who God is to us. He is the fountain of every blessing in life. To turn your back on Him is to walk away from your Saviour, Provider, Guide and Revealer of truth.

God is so very good to us and we thank you for your prayers. Please pray for God's protection as we go through this season of growth and blessing. I'm reminded of what Paul said, "A great door and effectual is open unto me and there are many adversaries." Thanks for praying.