Good mornings to get out....

15/12/2015 11:20

I've been able to get out and do flyers the last two mornings. I've put out about 500 more of each flyer this week. Thanks for praying for this effort.

I came back in time this morning to watch the launch of the rocket from Russia with 3 astronauts on board. The kids really enjoyed seeing it as well. We have a British Astronaut, Tim Peake, on board. It will be fun to follow his mission in Space. The pictures from the Space Station are amazing. How can an astronaut not believe in a Creator Designer God?  You'd think that medical doctors and astronauts would all be convinced of a Creator. They see more of the wonder of His creation than anyone. How sad that mankind has such a wonderful testimony from God of His existence and they are determined to believe Satan's evolutional lie.