Good prayer time

28/01/2016 13:01

About half a year ago we started a monthly prayer time for minister's in our area. God has blessed these prayer times. We had prayer this morning with 3 other ministers plus 3 other men in attendance. The Lord gave us a refreshing time with Him.

I wasn't able to get out with Don Dillman yesterday to do evangelism. My vehicle needed to go see a mechanic instead. The weather was very poor anyway and would have prevented our work. Lord willing, we can get out together next week.

Lord willing we have a youth activity that we are attending tomorrow evening at a missionary friend's ministry in Livingston. We'd appreciate your prayers for that ministry tomorrow night as I am supposed to give the challenge to the young people. Hopefully our vehicle will be sorted by then. 

Although we haven't done normal evangelism this week, we have had a couple unusual opportunities. I was able to write an evangelistic article for our county newspaper for a new column (Views from the Pews) that they are starting. We also enjoyed a two hour home Bible study with someone who is very interested in learning about God. 

Thank you for your prayers for these and other evangelistic opportunities.