Good Tournament

10/06/2017 20:01

Thank you for praying with us for the tournament today. It was obvious that people were praying. We had a low pressure system moving through with some heavy rain this morning. We played dodge ball inside for half an hour before heading outside to play football in dry weather just after 10:00am. The rain was supposed to be around until noon but we didn't have any rain after we went outside.

God brought a group of respectful young people who listened attentively to the preaching. They also had good attitudes on the pitch. We had 10 teens visiting. The rest were adults and teens with our church. We had 4 teams of 5. God also provided a referee as a US Bible college student was visiting a Bible college over here. A student who attends our church from that school invited him to help at our tournament and he did a wonderful job.

There were no injuries today on the pitch. However, Mac fell out of a swing at the tournament. He now has a cast on his leg. The x-ray showed no obvious break but he won't walk on it. So, please pray for quick healing and for grace for him as he adapts to having something on his leg that he wants off of his leg. :)

God's good. We give Him glory for what he did today. Jonathan Washer did a great job in preaching a Gospel message to the young people. One teen made a definite decision to trust Christ and confirmed that with speaking with a couple of us adults. Several other teens appeared to make decisions. Peer pressure is very tough here. Please pray that we can break through in reaching young people for Jesus.