Good weather for outreach....

26/07/2022 11:58

My day was backwards yesterday due to inclement weather. The rain finally  went mostly away mid afternoon and I got out for about an hour and a half. The Lord gave me really good study time while I was stuck inside. Today I was able to get out for a couple hours with the Open Letter flyer. I enjoy doing Loanhead as I often see people I know. It was good to catch up with a couple friends in the community this morning.

Our HBC (Holiday Bible Club) is next week. So, tomorrow morning, Pastor Dillman and my family are going to put out HBC leaflets. Katie is working hard on getting puppet scripts, missionary story and crafts planned. She has been working on this for several weeks but is working double hard this week. I'm preparing daily Bible lessons for next week as well. My job is usually the teaching time and game time. Please pray for grace to have a great week of planning this week and a great week of ministry next week.