28/03/2018 14:17

..., a village near us, is where we put flyers out today. Don and I were out for about two hours and God gave us two opportunities to share the Gospel. The first was with a younger man who appears open but is living life without God. He's busy with work but agreed with me that his soul is more important than his occupation. Please pray that he will seek after God.

The second was with a man who was holding a great illustration in his hand. He had a bottle of T-cut (used for removing scratches/marks from an automobile) and was seeking to repair a rub on his car. We spoke eventually about the stain of sin which can only be removed by the blood of Christ. I'm not sure that he was very interested althought I hope that was just an appearance. He was kind to listen and converse.

Our busy schedule begins next week as the boys and I will travel with some other men to a men's camp in Ireland. The Sunday following George will be back with us to preach in the evening service. The following week we will have a family conference (Tues - Thurs) and Pastor David O'Gorman will be the speaker. We have a visiting pastor with us the following Sunday and he will be speaking in the AM service.

This summer we have the special blessing of having my cousin, Holly, come over to do her missionary internship. She is a missions major at Bob Jones University. We're looking forward to having her here pariticipating in our ministry. Please pray for God's blessing as she get's ready to come. Thanks for praying with us!