Gospel boldness....

01/03/2020 13:09

God has given us some encouragement lately. Keep praying for God's great grace for Free Baptist Church. We enjoyed sharing our furlough presentation with the church this morning. Everyone really enjoyed it. It's great to look back at what God has done.

Our family did special music this morning that we have prepared for furlough. We're not looking forward to leaving our church... but, we look forward to having the opportunity to minister as a family and share what God is doing here.

I preached this morning on being, "Outspoken For God" from Acts 4. It's the first part of a two part message God put on my heart about boldness. The early church was a bold church. God can help us to be the same. We live in a day where we need to be bold. God help us to speak up for His truth

video link from today's message