Gray, gray and more gray....but not raining! :)

28/07/2015 15:39

The Lord gave us a good adequate day to get into Edinburgh with Garrett. He leaves tomorrow and has been a big help. He and I handed out flyers as I showed him some of the Christian history of our area. We had two really good opportunities to share Christ. One was with a group of three construction workers. The other was with a young lady who has studied philosophy. Both looked at the Bible with us. It was a lot of fun to share some truth with them.

We visited the grave of Thomas Chalmers. He was a great man of God. Every time I go to that graveyard I am amazed at all the "Rev."'s before these men's names. God had a mighty army here 150 years ago. We saw one grave that said, "First Church of Scotland missionary to India and (another country)..." We prayed in the cemetery and asked God to enable us as He enabled these men in the past. We also went into the church where the first general assembly of the Church of Scotland with John Knox presiding was held. We prayed there as well. God has done a great work here in the past. Please pray with us that He will do it again.