Great Gala Day!

23/06/2018 19:29

Thank you for praying with us for the weather for the Gala (children's fair) Day in Loanhead. It was a spectacular weather day. God allowed us to have many great conversations and loads of people enjoying our children's activities. We have an archery shooting gallery (suction cup - but extremely good quality), badge (button) making, and this year only - rides in the ark! In the photo below our tent and tables are in the centre and we are wearing blue church shirts. I'll put some other pictures below as well. It's hard to get an idea from the pic of the size of the event. On the right side of the picture is a whole fair with many rides which you can't see.

Many people said that they had gotten our Holiday Bible Club information previously. One lady said she got it in the parade while several children said they got them at school. Pastor Dillman helped me take the flyers to 10 primary (elementary) schools in our area. Please pray for fruit eternally from our ministry today. God gave us a great group of helper from our church and everything could not have gone better. Praise the Lord!