Great Holiday and good Sunday!

21/08/2016 12:59

The Lord gave us a wonderful time away as a family. We camped in the Etrick Valley in the Scottish Borders. We saw some amazing sights and had amazing weather. (You don't get sunburned in Scotland that often!) God's was very good to us.

It was a joy to be back with our church this morning. I preached this morning a topical message on spiritual power, "His Power In Us." It was a good refresher for me as I preached something that I have preached before.

We have some special events this week. On Friday we have our first church youth activity. We are going to start having youth activities the 4th Friday of every month. We also have missionaries with us this next Sunday, The Brittan family to England. We'd appreciate your prayers for these upcoming events.

Here are some pics from our time away.