Great Mission Team

11/06/2019 16:53

The Lord gave us a great time with the mission team from Tabernacle Baptist in Virginia Beach. They left this afternoon to head down to Peterbourgh, England. We had several ministry opportunities with them. We handed out flyers on Princess St. in Edinburgh. We put flyers through mail slots in another section of Edinburgh. We handed out football invitations at the local highschools. We had the football tournament. Their choir sang several times at our church and at the Trust Service. Pastor Baker preached 3 times and was a great blessing. We enjoyed a church fellowship with them as well! It was a great time. 

We also showed them God's awesome creation in Scotland and toured some local attractions. The football tournament went very well. It was a blessing to have two of our church men running the football tournament. We had 5 first time teenagers, 1 girl and 4 boys. They paid great attention in the preaching time and the boys told me that they found it interesting. Please pray that they will read the John and Romans that they received.

Thank you for praying for this past week of ministry. Now - Amber flies out today and arrives here tomorrow. Please pray that God will bless her travels and that she will have a wonderful month of ministry with us.