Great missions Sunday

19/08/2012 21:07

Thanks for praying for our meeting tonight.  The Lord gave us a great day.

We had good attendance this morning.  Connie has 2 nephews staying with her just now and they visited our church today.  It was good to have them with us. I preached this morning on, "The Grace of Giving" from I Corinthians 8. We had 20 this morning.

Tonight brother Layton Kelly preached on the colt Jesus rode during the triumphal entry.  It was a good message on the sinner (He is bound.  He is untamed.  He is at a cross roads, etc.) It was a blessing.  He also shared his testimony which is one of God's awesome grace.

We had many visitors from out of town this evening.  Pastor Dever's brought 12 in his group. And Pastor Edgar brought 5.  We had 20 from our church.  And the Kelly's have 6 in their family.  So, it was fun to have a church full of people.  Jenny was back with us tonight.  It was great to see her.

Please pray for God to continue to use the Kelly's ministry in our church. God's good.  Thanks for praying.