Great opportunity....

01/05/2014 16:17

I enjoyed sharing the Gospel with a young man as he peddled some goods by our home. He actually had something we needed. We had something he needed as well. I gave him a couple Gospel flyers and a Gospel of John and Romans. I showed him several verses. He was a very kind young man and thoughtful. Please pray that his heart will be encouraged through what he received.

After that I took a Christian friend, who attends our church on Sunday evenings and Thursdays, to an ear appointment. While he was inside I handed out some flyers in Edinburgh. The first person took one. The second person took one and put it in a bin three feet away from me. Unbelievers ought to realize that there must be a God. Nobody hates Santa Claus, because he doesn't exist. But, they HATE Jesus. I don't mind sharing the reproach of Christ. I feel bad that they don't know the joy and peace of which the flyer speaks.