Great outreach weather....

11/01/2022 13:19

High pressure has taken control of things for a little while, which means settled weather. It was a fine morning to get out with Tommy to do outreach. This was our first formal outreach of 2022 and it felt good to get out with flyers. We put out an evangelistic flyer and an information flyer. We didn't have any divine appointments (to our eyes) but we enjoyed fellowship and ministry. Please pray for Tommy as he often struggles with his blood sugar on our outings. He did ok this morning but could have been better.

Our family continues to improve in our health. Thank you for praying.

I forgot to update you on Kay Lee. God worked out some things, as only He can, to get her onto her flights. She also missed her final flight in Chicago, but it only led to just over an hour delay. She is safely back at Ambassaor Baptist College and is excited about the new school year. Thank you for praying for her travels. We're very thankful she was able to be here over her break.