Great Sunday!

25/08/2013 23:28

The Lord has given us some very encouraging Sundays. There is a sweet spirit in the church and we have seen good attendance. Today we had 32 in our morning service and Sunday School. Everyone was there for SS and church.  My mom taught Sunday School for our children. My dad and aunt share testimonies. Aunt Bonnie and her husband smuggled Bibles into communist countries. She shared testimonies about God's gracious protection as they risked imprisonment to share his Word. My dad shared the testimony of his car wreck. Dad lost his first family in a terrible accident. His back was broken and it appeared that he would either die from his injuries or be paralyzed. It's an awesome story of God's grace and healing hand.

Dad preached on  the rich young ruler this morning and a message on music this evening. We had good attendance this evening as well. Thank you for keeping up with what God is doing in our church. We need your prayers and thank you for your interest in accessing God's power for our ministry.

If you are interested in hearing the testimonies, I did record them and could send you an email attachment.