Great Sunday

19/06/2022 22:18

God blessed us with a really good Sunday. A friend of ours, Pastor Edgar, preached a great message on the gospel. We were blessed to have him minister to us today and it was a joy to have his mum visiting with us as well. A couple who were visiting joined us for an after service fellowship at our home. God blessed us with good weather and the time was enjoyed by all.

We had another visitor this evening whom I hope will come again. It was a middle aged man whom I met in September last year in Edinburgh. He had just arrived from another country. I told him if he ever needed anything to please let me know. He remembered that and came to me because of a problem he is facing. He didn't arrive until after our service. Please pray for God to meet his need. 

Kay Lee had a great week of camp ministry. A girl in her cabin trusted Jesus as her Saviour this week. Kay Lee was really excited about that. 

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. God is faithful and we are excited about His work in our ministry.

Here is a link to Pastor Edgar's Testimony and Message. He was saved in Edinburgh as a young man.