Great Sunday

31/07/2022 22:12

We have had busy Sundays recently. The last two Sundays we have put out HBC leafletts in the afternoon. Today we went out at 4:30 with about a dozen people and put out several hundred leaflets. We have had some positive responses and know of 3 children who plan to come because of our advertisements. Please pray for other visitors to join us for a fun week.

Thank you for praying for Breland and Taylor (newlyweds) who arrived in Scotland this week. It was a joy to have them in church this morning. We viewed a flat with them this afternoon. It looked promising but sadly the landlord chose another renter. Please pray for God's provision of housing for them. Taylor begins her veternar medicine studies in about 2 weeks.

I preached this morning on the conversion of Jacob from Genesis 28. Jacob went to sleep without an expectation of meeting with God. He awakened with a conviction that God had met with him.

Tonight we set up for Holiday Bible Club. We're excited about what God is going to do.

God's good. We're enjoying God's grace to our congregation. We had a good Sunday. Thanks for praying.