Great Thursday

27/09/2012 20:07

We had a beautiful day to get out and do flyers. Don and Chris Dillman came over today. Don and I put out flyers this morning for a couple hours in Loanhead. This afternoon we went to Eddleston, a village just over twenty minutes from Loanhead. It was a dual purpose trip. We have been praying and looking for larger housing. There is a potential rental home in that village. So, we were going to put flyers through the neighborhood to get a feel for the area.

But, the current renter was outside the home and he invited us in. We chatted with he and his wife for an hour. We were able to briefly speak about what we believe. They also filled us in on the home. It is a beautiful 4 bedroom home with a large garden. Please pray that we'll have wisdom about the Lord's will. We are viewing the property tomorrow morning with a letting agent. It will go quickly at the price it is offered. So, we'll need to make a decision to move or not move. Thanks for your prayers for our housing need. The distance is our greatest "concern."

Tonight we had a great turnout. We had 6 adults and 16 kids. It was a really fun evening. Thursday nights are a special blessing. Thanks for your prayers.