Great weather for flyers....

11/08/2015 11:36

I've put out flyers the past two mornings in nearby villages. I can't remember if I've updated you about my leg. It is doing really well and seems back to normal. I'm still a bit cautious but it seems fine.

I've enjoyed listening to some good preachers as I've walked. I listened to Dr. Ed Nelson yesterday. Today I was listening to Duncan Campbell. Duncan Campbell saw revival several times during his life. Both of their messages were a blessing.

Katie's ladies meeting last night was very well attended. Please pray for each one that was there.

We are seeing the Lord work in the lives of the kids who attended our HBC. We had a total of 21 children at church this past Sunday. Several have been over to the house to play with the kids as well. One 10 year old girl got a Bible on Sunday morning and had already read Genesis and Exodus by yesterday afternoon. Please pray for God to use his Word in these young lives. Thanks for praying.