Had to go to my back up F.D.T....

20/09/2016 16:30

Those of you who have followed this for a while know about my F. D. T. (Flyer Distribution Tool.) Those untrained in the use of an F. D. T. would think that it was just a plain ordinary cheese board. An F. D. T. is important because it keeps dogs from ripping your hand through the mail slot. It also allows the flyer to be put through the mail slot without being wrinkled.

An example of the seriousness of using an F.D.T. took place today as a wee scotty dog jumped playfully on the other side of the mail slot. Hidden under that barking soft cuddly exterior was a lurking beast that would shred anything put through the mail slot. I mistimed it's bounces and pushed my flyer and F.D.T. through the mail slot when it's mouth was within striking range. Thankfully I had a relaxed grip on the handle of my F.D.T. which kept the dog from being pulled back through the mail slot but also meant I lost my cheese board. But, not to worry, since I always carry a back up in case of a situation such as this.

Will I get my cheese board back? I don't know. The owner wasn't home. The last time I followed up on a lost cheese board the owner of the home had binned it thinking some kids were teasing their dog. :( 

Thank you for praying for the new flyers! :) I was able to put it out yesterday morning as well and have put out over a 1,000 so far.