Happy Birthday Kay Lee

03/09/2012 16:16

Today our first born turned 10! Yikes! She's had a great birthday. (Thanks for the many birthday cards.  Our kids always love them.)

We had a "big day" planned and it went fabulously.  We went to "Build-a-Bear" and she got Rainbow. (You'll understand when you see the pictures.)  Then we toured the Royal Yacht Britannia. This was the Royal Families' yacht until it was decommissioned.  Afterwards we went to a playground for a picnic.  Tonight a couple of our neighbors will be joining us for Cake.  Katie made a waterfall cake.  You'll see it in the pictures below. (I'll put more pictures in a photo album.)

About the house: The landlord thanked us for our interest but declined our offer.  Please pray for continued wisdom as we seek the Lord's guidance.